Pamela Noyes and Her Spiritual Connection to the East Anglian Art

Good artists have a connection with whatever it is that they create. Pamela Noyes, the famous painter, is no different and has her connection with East Anglian landscapes.

Pamela Noyes is known for abstract art which is mostly based on landscapes and plants but her area of expertise doesn’t end there. She has a lot more to offer when it comes to East Anglian landscapes.

It is not merely the sunrise, sunset, yards or old houses that Pamela Noyes paints. A lot of her paintings land in the category of landscapes but there is always an element, or two, that differentiate each of her East Anglian landscapes from another. The artist has been painting the East Anglian landscapes for decades and has grown immensely popular as a detailed painter who knows how to express a message to the masses through her art.

The painter has exhibited at several remarkable spots around the UK such as the Guildhall, City of London;, Royal Academy, Heffers Gallery, Cambridge, the assembly House in Norwich and the Malcolm Innes Gallery in London.

Pamela Noyes has previously stated on several occasions that she has a spiritual relationship with her subject and this is reflected in the depth of her work. Some of her noteworthy paintings in which you can feel that connection are The Beach Scene, The Marsh Scene, Sunflowers, Still Life of Sunflowers, and the Landscape.

Fortunately, each of these paintings is available to purchase at the Garners Antique website. So if you are a fan of East Anglian landscape paintings then you are in luck. You can find other antique oil paintings for sale on the website as well.


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