Top Tips for Buying Art

In this article we discuss ways in which you can tell if an antique oil painting for sale is worth a fortune or if it is actually a fake. We have listed some top tips to help you out when looking to purchase antique works of art.

There are lots of antique paintings for sale all over the world and sometimes the best thing to do is to leave it to the experts and purchase from a company that has oil paintings for sale in the UK to ensure you are getting the ‘real deal’.

In an auction house you may see art work with big names like Picasso written on them, but you must be cautious. Have a look in the auction catalogue and if the artists name has not been mentioned it normally means that the auctioneer knows something that you do not. Sadly, items like this are extremely common in lesser known auction houses or online, this is why it is highly recommended you purchase antiques from a well known and reliable antique dealer.

If a frame looks too modern, is cheap looking or a cut down from a larger frame then perhaps the picture in the frame is not the real thing. It is well known that most of the artists of the 20th century ensured their paintings were properly framed so the real thing will have the right frame.

As paintings become antique paintings they can become old and worn, this can be through age or they can look worse through being over cleaned and even damaged. Sometimes damaged paintings are repaired through over painting or in-painting. This can be easily spotted and should be a warning sign that the art work is not quite as it seems.

It is a good idea to ask questions about the art work before you buy it, like why is it now for sale, where did it come from and such like. Sellers of fake paintings tend to sway towards the lie of getting the antique painting from a little old lady or perhaps a house clearance. It is very unlikely that an antique painting worth a lot of money would be found in a house clearance.

Go with your gut instinct and see what your eyes are showing you. Sometimes less honest sellers will tell you it was a piece of work done by an artist on a bad day. Great artists do not have bad days, they have off moments but they would not put their name to bad art work.

It’s a good idea to see as much real art as possible and you will gain experience and knowledge of what real antique paintings look like.


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