Top 5 Most Expensive Paintings by British Artists

Here at Garner Antiques we have lots of oil paintings for sale and antiques paintings for sale so when we stumbled across the list of the Top 5 Most Expensive Paintings by British Artists, sold at auction we were amazed at how much some of the antique oil paintings were sold for. We have lots of antique paintings and furniture for sale, why not have a look and see which ones will suit your home? They won’t be near the price of the paintings listed below;

  • Study from Innocent X by Francis Bacon was sold at Sotheby’s in New York for £26,583,773 in May 2007236-innocentX-both
  • Triptych was the 2nd most expensive painting by Francis Bacon, this piece of art work was auctioned off at Christie’s in London during 2008 for £26,340,500
  • The 3rd most expensive painting in the top 10 list is another by Francis Bacon. It is called Study of a Bullfight No.1 and was auctioned off at £22,257,790 at Sotheby’s in New York during November 2007.
  • Francis Bacons’ painting called Self-Portrait came in at 4th place of the most expensive paintings by British artists sold at auction. Self-Portrait was sold at Sotheby’s London in June 2007 for £21,580,000.
  • jmw-turner-giudecca-la-donna-della-salute-and-san-giorgioSold at Christie’s auction house in New York for £20,439,038 was a painting by artist J M W Turner called Giudecca, La Donna della Salute and San Giorgio in April 2006.

If you are looking for a gorgeous piece of art work for your home then why not have a look on our website or enquire about the piece of art work you would like for your home.

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