Characteristics of Victorian Art and its Variations in Different Eras

Queen VictoriaVictorian art holds a significant value in the artwork world. We cannot discuss the art of painting without putting spotlight on the characteristics of Victorian art, which emerged during the 19th century. This was the duration while Queen Victoria ruled England which continued for sixty four years. The characteristics of Victorian Art are defined below:

Early Victorian: Era of Life’s Realms

The Early Victorian era was where the art was intemperately influenced by realism and fidelity to the true aspects of nature. Almost every artist tried to incorporate a moral or spiritual undertone whenever they painted lifelike sceneries. The same elegance and lifelikeness was seen in interior decoration and designs as well.

Late Victorian: When the Realities were obscured

Late Victorian was a time when the realistic aspects of early works were started to be made obscure. Now the art was turned into mythology and fantasy based work from realities of the nature and human life. This was the time when adding sculptures of Gods and Goddesses became an obsession for the art lovers.

Composition: The Blending

Most of the Victorian art contains images or graphics that are a result of various ranges of bright colors as well as the fine detailing of the scene/subject by the artist. Back in the era when most paintings held colourful sightings, the common backdrop used by the painters was the landscape of small farms and rolling hills.

Common Themes: Feminism became the most Common Theme in This Eracharacteristics of victorian art

Art that had been developed in the 19th century was mostly surrounded around feminism. Most of the paintings in that era depicted women, especially the subjects that involved fairies, landscapes and nudity. Nobody knows exactly where these themes emerged from out of the blue but most of the art in the 19th century revolved around feminism.

During 1837 – 1901, Victorian art held such significance that no other was tried in the United Kingdom. These Victorian paintings are for sale still today and possess the same great value and detail and when they were originally created.


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