John Townsend – Artist, Painter, Visionary

john townsendIn the history of world arts, there have been a number of artists that gained recognition as the best at their art form.

However, there have been some painters who didn’t get much of recognition but still possessed the quality of extremely fine painters. John Townsend is one of those artists who didn’t get as much fame as Leonardo da Vinci or others of his stature, but has produced a number of magnificent paintings that are liked by the art lovers from all around the globe.

John Townsend is a highly skilled painter from Nottingham. He was born in year 1930 and his father was an art director at ‘Thos Formans & Sons’. John Townsend was just a child when he got the gratification of meeting a lot of big names in the field of painting and other art forms. This helped him develop his skills as he was inspired by the talented people he used to meet. Townsend started his art studies at Nottingham College of Art where he was fortunate enough to learn the art by no one other than Arthur Spooner, who holds great respect in the world of arts.

John Townsend was also in good terms with Sir William, who is one of the most renowned artists of all times. Townsend learned a lot from Sir William and it was John Townsend’s desire to learn more and more about the art of painting that he continued learning and crafting his art for years and years before he made his work public.

garners logoJohn Townsend’s best works include the portraits of John Richard Gunn (1876-1963), Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926), Alderman Mrs Anne Yates (1968–1974), Alderman Albert James Pounder (1967–1968) and Alderman Sir Frank Small (1963–1967). You can view one of the newest paintings of the artist including Summer Scene and Summer Under the Parasol at Garner Antiques. You can buy them here too!


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