How To Clean An Antique Painting

How to clean an antique paintingAn antique painting should be neatly preserved so that everyone can witness their history and enjoy it as much as the people in the past have.

The beauty of the painting could be seen for many more generations to come but it all depends on the way the painting has been kept, maintained and cleaned. There isn’t any certain or perfect way of cleaning an antique painting because there is a great deal of detailing and expertise required. If you want to clean or learn how to clean an antique painting then read on below to get an overview of how it is done.

Take the painting out of its frame very carefully, examine the painting closely for any marks or dust spots. If the surface seems to be fine then take a very tiny little spot of the painting and try to clean it with some soap and water and a soft wet cloth. Make sure that you do not submerge the painting with water and be certain not to rub the painting. Make sure that you do it slowly and correctly. After cleaning, let the painting dry in sunlight in a cool dry room far away from sunlight for a couple of days before putting it in the frame again. This method only applies to paintings that simply have dust on them and nothing major.

Antique paintingIf the painting has got varnish on it and has turned a different shade due to its age and excess dirt then the cleaning process is a lot more difficult and should be left to the experts to make sure that you do not ruin the painting. The expert restorers will figure out a way to remove the varnish without damaging the painting itself.

If you want to do the whole cleaning procedure by yourself then take a mixture of turpentine and alcohol and dip it in a clean cloth for cleaning the antique paintings. This will remove the varnish from the painting but you have to make sure that you strike the right balance of turpentine and alcohol to successfully remove it all correctly.

After you have cleaned the painting yourself, apply a coat of mastic varnish (easily available in all art supply stores) to the antique painting before placing it inside the frame again so that the cleaning process is a lot easier the next time. Make sure that you let the painting air dry out of sunlight for at least a week before putting it back in the frame and onto the wall.

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